Latest about COVID-19 and W&M's Path Forward.

  • Several students sitting on the terraced grass and stone walls in front of the Sadler Building in small groups and wearing masks

    W&M in Autumn: Students gather, relax and study on the Sadler Terrace

  • Red, white and black painted foot bridge over the small Crim Dell with fall foliage dropping from the surrounding trees

    W&M in Autumn: Crim Dell bridge

  • Several students bringing in kayaks, canoes and safety equipment at the Matoaka dock with a brilliant sunset over the lake.

    W&M in Autumn: Sunset paddling hosted by Campus Rec on Lake Matoaka

  • Row of three painted pumpkins on a brick wall - Welcome Great Pumpkin, You're Boo-tiful, and Boo.

    W&M in Autumn: Painted pumpkin art

  • A masked student walking their bike along a campus path with vibrant fall foliage in the background

    W&M in Autumn: Changing fall foliage lines our campus paths

  • Pep Band member in green and gold striped polo plays a trumpet while safely masked

    W&M in Autumn: The Pep Band plays on for a special virtual Homecoming performance