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  • A student and faculty member, masked and looking at an easel and painting together in an outdoor art class.

    Healthy Together: Painting Expression class with Professor John Lee

  • Students masked and space far apart on stationary bikes on a stage under a large covering, overlooking Lake Matoaka

    Healthy Together: Outdoor FitWell classes overlook activities on Lake Matoaka

  • Circle of masked students, safely spaced in a circle of Adirondack chairs in a grassy, shaded area of campus

    Healthy Together: Outdoor spaces for group study, collaboration and relaxation

  • Three masked students hold up a large blue and white cyanatope print on cloth. Other class students look on in the background, outside.

    Healthy Together: Professor Eliot Dudik's Photomania class creates Cyanotype prints

  • Two masked students walking across campus on a brick walkway

    Healthy Together: Early signs of changing fall foliage on campus walks