• President Katherine Rowe and Orientation Aides make a tunnel with their arms for new students

    Welcome to the Tribe: President Rowe and Orientation Aides are eager to welcome our newest members of the Tribe. #wmOrientation

  • Family members and students carry in piles of belongings

    Move-In Day: New students and their families get everything into place at #wmMoveIn.

  • Smiling student carries a bin near a volunteer with a Welcome to the Tribe tshirt

    Welcome to the Tribe: Friendly faces are everywhere as new students arrive for #wmMoveIn.

  • Several members of the Move-In Crew carry belongings

    Move-In Crew: Volunteers are on hand to help new students with the heavy lifting at #wmMoveIn.

  • New students are welcomed by current members of the faculty, staff and student body

    You Belong: Join us on Wednesday 8/28 as we welcome new students and kick off the academic year at #wmConvocation.